Obama meeting concludes at Farmleigh House

The meeting between Barack Obama and the Taoiseach Enda Kenny has just come to an end at Farmleigh House.

US President Barack Obama has said the success of the peace process in the North should be a lesson for troubled parts of the world.

After talks with Taoiseach Kenny, the President praised Ireland for its presence and actions on the world stage, saying the country consistently punches above its weight.

President Obama also said that America and Ireland are linked by blood.

"The friendship and the bond between the United States and Ireland could not be stronger," he said.

"Obviously it is not just a matter of strategic interests. It's not just a matter of foreign policy, for the United States and Ireland carries a blood lineage.

"For millions of Irish-Americans this continues to symbolise the homeland and the extraordinary traditions of an extraordinary people."

Taoiseach Kenny said that during the meeting, they agreed there would be no change in respect of the US forces using Shannon Airport as a stop-off.

Before stepping into his car, the President was presented with a hurley, as well as a brief lesson in the sport, by the Taoiseach.

Later, President Obama will travel to his ancestral home of Monegall in Co Offaly before making a speech at College Green in Dublin this evening.

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