Numbers getting divorced reaches Celtic Tiger levels

The number of people getting divorced is back to Celtic Tiger levels.

Figures from the Circuit Court show that over 4,000 cases were initiated last year, compared to just over 3.000 in 2011.

The Law Society said many people who split during the recession decided not to get divorced because they couldn't afford it.

Negative equity and unemployment were key factors, but a rise in house prices is thought to be making people reconsider the decision to divorce.

Solicitor Keith Walsh said couples forced to live together tend to have bitter divorces.

"You can get legally separated in a court if you're living one year apart. Divorce really only comes when a lot of the heat has come out of the situation," he said.

"We're seeing a number of divorces now where there is a bit of heat in the situation because people have lived together and have had to postpone their disagreement because they couldn't afford to move," he added.

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