Numbers attending Ploughing Championships at an all-time high

More visitors than ever before attended this year's National Ploughing Championships

More than 76,000 people showed up for the final day.

It brings the total number of visitors for the week to a record 281,000, 1,500 more than last year.

Thousands are now making their way home from the Ratheniska site.

Assistant Managing Director of the Ploughing Championships Michael Mahon has said that the team working behind the scenes did a great job

“If you go to an office anywhere and they shut the door at half five," Mr Mahon said.

"If you go to the NPA office there is someone there, 12 O’Clock at night, One O’Clock at night, 7 O’Clock in the morning.

“If every other organisation could do that they would go up the hill too.”

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