Norris: My funeral could become a musical

Senator David Norris has joked his funeral plans are becoming so long, the service will be called "Norris the Musical" by the time it is finished.

He has been battling cancer for some time and has today paid tribute to his medical team which he says has done a superb job. The long-time human rights activist says he has no plans to leave us any time soon.

The Independent Senator announced last June that he was undergoing treatment for the condition.

Mr Norris says the cancer appears to be related to a time when he contracted viral hepatitis which he picked up from drinking tainted water while he was on unpaid government business in Eastern Europe back in 1994.

However he says that when the time does come, those attending the service will hear his voice, although his message might be unexpected.

He said: "It may come as a surprise to people because I have nothing to say about politics.

"I've confined myself to my religious beliefs because I think that the last gift I can give to people - if they want it, (because) some people will never be able to believe in anything religious or spiritual or whatever - but there may be people there who are wobbling, and for whom this could be a bit of a lifeline."

Last month the Seanad agreed to officially invite Pope Francis for a visit to Ireland - led by Senator Norris.

Senators agreed unanimously to call on the Government to arrange an official visit for the Pontiff.

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