Norris: Liver transplant 'very successful'

David Norris (left) celebrates Bloomsday today

Senator David Norris has said that his liver transplant has been "very successful".

The Independent Senator was well enough to attend some Bloomsday celebrations this morning, despite suffering what he described as a "little rejection episode" just last week.

The 69-year-old has been battling liver cancer after doctors discovered a tumour last year.

Senator Norris has once again paid tribute to his doctors, and revealed how serious his situation was, going into an initial surgery to fix an artery.

"I said to the surgeon afterwards [that] I felt I had about a 30% chance going in there," said Senator Norris.

"And he said: 'If that'.

"So they really saved my life, I had brilliant surgery.

"Then I had a liver transplant, which was very successful and it's healed up, but you get these little episodes every so often."

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