Noonan rules out widening terms of reference of Siteserv inquiry

The Minister for Finance has ruled out widening the terms of reference in the SiteServ inquiry to include transactions at AIB.

In an interview with the Sunday Business Post, the former boss of IBRC, Mike Aynsley suggested they were not the only institution cutting deals with big borrowers.

He called for the Siteserv review to be widened.

However Michael Noonan says they will focus their investigation on issues of concern.

"Well we have seen situations before where it was in the interests of people to widen the terms of reference so that the review would go on indefinitely" he said.

"And we had the Moriarty Tribunal and other tribunals gone on for 12 or 14 years".

"The issues of concern here arise from IBRC, Anglo Irish Bank - and that's what's going to be addressed in the review" he added.

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