Noonan: I have 'no problem' publishing bailout letter

Finance Minister Michael Noonan has said that the letter which allegedly forced Ireland into a bailout could be released to the Oireachtas banking inquiry.

The ECB's refused to release the letter written by Jean-Claude Trichet to Brian Lenihan, before he accepted accept billions in foreign aid.

Michael Noonan said the letter could be released to the banking inquiry, which is due to begin in the autumn.

He has told the Dáil he personally has no problem with it finally being published, even though it is restricted by Freedom of Information law.

"Correspondence with another country or correspondence with an international agency - these are treated as exceptions," he said.

"Personally, I have no particular problem whether it is released or not.

"It's like the third secret of Fatima - people are going to be a bit disappointed when they see it."

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