No split in Fianna Fáil on abortion issue, says Byrne

Fianna Fáil TDs are today denying that there is a split in the party over abortion.

A number of pro-life TDs and Senators will meet this evening to discuss how to respond to Micheál Martin’s unexpected decision to support repealing the 8th Amendment.

Some TDs say their members are extremely unhappy with the move.

However, TD Thomas Byrne has denied that there is any rift in Fianna Fáil.

"I don’t sense that there’s any split in the party, other than people having a genuine difference of views on this particular issue," he said.

"Last week, when I went on radio myself, I got texts or contact from two next-door neighbours, unbeknown to each other - one for appeal, one anti-appeal - commenting on what I’d said on the radio!

"This is an issue that splits families, it splits neighbours, it splits generations, and causes different views in political parties.

"It doesn’t mean that everything else is split, or that there are splits on a range of issues - there are not."

- Digital desk


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