No more Blue Flu as Gardaí win right to strike

The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors have welcomed a ruling from Europe which will allow them go on strike.

The new ruling by the European Committee of Social Rights means that for the first time, Gardaí will be legally allowed to strike, form a trade union and take part in pay talks.

The AGSI lodged a complaint with Europe over the issue in 2012 - but the ruling has only been made.

"[They] agreed that Ireland had erred in preventing the AGSI and member from being able to take collective action, including strike action," said General Secretary of the AGSI, John Redmond.

"[The also found] that Ireland had erred in preventing AGSI representing its members in direct pay talks, as opposed to having pay agreements imposed on them by the Government.

"Those are two very significant issues from our point of view."

Previously, gardaí wishing to protest resorted to the so-called "blue flu" by calling in sick in large numbers, in order to circumvent the ban on strike action.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has also welcomed the decision.

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