'No Fry Zones' around schools won't solve childhood problem, Eva Orsmond warns

A leading weight loss expert has said that enforcing a 'No Fry Zone' around schools is missing the point.

Dr Eva Orsmond said that fast food outlets are not the only cause of childhood obesity, and it is up to parents to educate children about healthy eating.

Her comments come after parents in Greystones, Co Wicklow campaigned against a McDonalds opening near three local schools.

Dr Orsmond, who appeared on RTÉ's Operation Transformation programme, said that 'No Fry Zone' will not won't solve the obesity problem.

"This would basically mean that if we go with these types of laws, we should basically then make sure that there are no shops near schools," she said.

"Just saying that McDonalds, or any other fry shop, is the cause of childhood obesity… I think we are missing the bigger picture."


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