Nine little piggies abandoned on Mount Leinster

Two of the Mount Leinster Nine pictured safe and sound in South East Animal Rescue

Nine piglets are looking for good homes after being found abandoned in Co. Wexford.

The Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, which are thought to be around three or four months old, were discovered on Wednesday last running wild on the slopes of Mount Leinster.

"A couple were out walking and suddenly found themselves surrounded by piglets," said Heather Wall of Wexford-based sanctuary South East Animal Rescue, which was alerted to the porcine refugees.

"It took five or six of us to catch them - they're fast little fellas," Heather added.

At least two of the pigs are destined for new homes following an appeal on radio waves and on the sanctuary's Facebook page, but volunteers are hoping more people will come forward.

As of yet, the pigs are unnamed.

"We thought there were seven of them so somebody suggested naming them after the seven dwarves," Heather said.

"But then two more turned up so that was that idea out the window."

Volunteers believe the pigs may have been raised as pets in the hope of being sold for the Christmas market, and abandoned thereafter.

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