Night service may be on way for 'vital' Local Link rural bus routes

There are plans to expand the Local Link bus network to include a new night service.

Locallink is part of the Rural Transport Programme which provides a community-based transport system in rural areas across the country.

It is hoped a new 'night' service could help with issues including drink-driving and isolation.

Local Link currently operates 38 rural bus routes in 15 different counties. Managers of the services have been asked for their proposals on extending the hours covered.

West Cork Local Link user Edward MacSweeney said he thinks the service is vital.

"Once you go beyond the roundabout at the Red Cow (in Dublin), you have taxis, bus service, Luas and so on. We don't have that down in West Cork," he said.

"It's important to link in the rural areas - and they have to be linked in after 6pm as well. There's plenty life in these villages after 6pm, I can tell you."

An extension to the scheme is awaiting Ministerial approval.

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