New website created by young people 'gives an insight into what Tusla does'

A research group made up entirely of young people with experience of Tusla have created a new website to help others like them access the services of the child and family agency.

The site, will offer young people support in areas such as engaging with social workers or accessing educational support.

Mark Gray says what makes this website special is that it was created by young people who have need the support of Tusla at some stage during their childhood:

"When I was put into care we were given little information, we weren't told who we were living with," he explained. "It gives an insight into what Tusla does."

The website goes through the different people involved in Tusla's work.

"We have a residential care worker who explains her job and does a run-through of the residential home. We have an after-care worker explaining her role. We have foster carers explaining their roles.

"It's giving that person an insight before something does actually happen to that young person," he said.

The research panel were given full control in creating the website, with the support of Tusla.

"Tusla gave us full control over what went onto the site, the development of the site.

"(They) paid for the website but they gave us full control over the look, the lay-out, the language that was used," he added.



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