New tourism scheme hopes to create 45,000 jobs in the next 10 years

A new scheme will encourage secondary students to study hospitality, as the government aims to create 45,000 extra jobs in the tourism industry next ten years.

The Irish Hotels Federation has launched a nationwide drive targeting 15 to 18-year-olds to study courses in tourism and hospitality.

It has created a free magazine, supported by Failte Ireland, which will be distributed in 700 schools.

There are currently 205 thousand people working in the Irish tourism industry, which generates €5bn in revenue annually, and the government wants to create 45,000 additional jobs.

Megan Elsey from Cork studied hospitality management in CIT two years ago and is now working on the front desk at the River Lee Hotel.

“Once you start, you’ll definitely find your feet, it’s amazing the opportunities I mean the hospitality sector is growing so much now, Ireland is booming and with this hospitality degree you can travel all over the world.

“There is hotels everywhere, restaurants everywhere, bars everywhere, so you can go wherever you want.”

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