New record for fewest road deaths set in 2012

Last year was the safest on the country's roads since records of road deaths first began over 50 years ago.

One hundred and sixty one people died in road accidents in 2012, 25 fewer people than in 2011.

It is the seventh successive year that there has been a reduction in road deaths.

And Ireland is now ranked the sixth-highest in terms of road safety in the EU.

Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar said: "For the seventh year in a row the number of people killed on the roads has dropped. In 2012 the loss of life was the lowest ever recorded.

"The ongoing effort to reduce the tragedy of road deaths is working. Further key road safety measures will be implemented this year, and the new Road Safety strategy will be published. But this change really comes down to the efforts of every single road user.

"We can never forget those who lost their lives on the roads in 2012, but next year we can take it a step further. I urge everyone to change one thing about their behaviour on the roads next year. It will make a difference.”

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