New proposals to call for harsher punishments for serial burglars

Ireland's serial burglars would face tougher penalties under new proposals that are going to cabinet today.

A memo to ministers could see offenders serve consecutive sentences and come under tougher bail restrictions.

Earlier this year, the Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald described burglary as a heinous crime and said the government was demanding action against it.

She has been meeting with senior Gardaí on the issue and will today brief fellow cabinet members on new proposals to punish offenders.

It is expected they will include District Courts being given the power to hand down consecutive sentences, instead of burglars being given the chance to serve multiple jail terms at the same time.

Judges would also get more power to refuse bail to serial burglars.

The measures are believed to be the first of a series to be announced between the Department of Justice and Gardaí.

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