New proposals could see cut in teaching time for Religion classes

Teaching time for Religion classes in schools may be significantly reduced if new proposals before Government are accepted.

The State advisory board is considering reviewing proposals on the curriculum.

Currently, most State schools spend around two and a half hours teaching the subject each week.

State-backed curriculum subjects such as Maths and English would be prioritised under the new proposals.

Chairperson of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent, believes there is a bigger issue than timing.

"The amount of time that's formally given to religious faith formation in schools isn't really the issue, because they implement the religious ethos throughout the entire school day," he said.

"During Nature Studies they are told that God created this, that and the other. During Music, they're singing hymns, during art, they're drawing pictures.

"So what needs to be done is that the Government needs to change the Education Act to ensure that the curriculum is delivered in an objective manner."



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