New poll suggests futility of second general election, while Labour would continue losses

A new poll has shown that a second general election would show no major changes in public opinion, with a grand coalition the most likely outcome.

The Red C poll for the Sunday Business Post shows there are no major gains to be made for any of the three larger parties, but a continued slide for Labour.

Each of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin score 1% higher in this poll than they did in the election two weeks ago.

The major losers are Labour and the Independents - Independents are down 4% to 9%, and Labour go down 3% to 4%, giving it the same popularity as the Anti-Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit.

The biggest gains would, in theory, be made by the Social Democrats, up 2% to 5%, the same level as the Independent Alliance.

The Greens would remain on 3%, with Renua on 2%.

It all means that while another election may seem possible, at present it would not produce a very different Dáil.

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