New drug for breast cancer patients to 'significantly improve the treatment options'

Irish Cancer Society chief executive Averil Power

Help could be on the way for women with aggressive breast cancer.

Patients in Ireland could benefit from a potentially life-saving new clinical trial to treat it, according to the Averil Power.

The Irish Cancer Society is asking people across the country to support Daffodil Day today so it can fund more research.

Chief executive Ms Power says a UCD researcher has made the new treatment discovery:

"One of the researchers that we support, Dr Antoinette Perry in UCD, has discovered a new drug that has the potential to significantly improve the treatment options for women with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer," she revealed.

"She's hoping to open a clinical trial later in the year where Irish women will be the first in the world to get access to it.

"This has the potential to massively transform the treatment options for these women."

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