New development on transatlantic flights 'fantastic news' for Cork Airport

Cork Airport has today welcomed the US Department of Transportation’s issuing of an Order to Show Cause in relation to the awarding of a foreign carrier permit to Norwegian Air International to commence the first transatlantic service from the city.

The US Department’s order states that it “tentatively” finds that Norwegian Air International “should be issued the foreign air carrier permit” and that there is no legal basis to deny the airline a licence.

Today’s announcement opens process for all interested parties to make submissions supporting or opposing the awarding of the permit.

This process will be open for 21 days, with a final decision made by the Department of Transportation seven days later.

Niall MacCarthy, managing director at Cork Airport said: “This is absolutely fantastic news for the airport, the airline and the region.

“We have worked so hard to make this happen over many months in both Washington and locally.

“I acknowledge the great support received from our local business stakeholders, local politicians and the Irish Government.

“I would particularly commend Cork Chamber for their solid support in these efforts.

He added: “We are heartened by the decision of the US Department of Transportation to announce that there is no legal reason not to award Norwegian Air International a license to commence its Cork – Boston route.

“Today marks a step change in this process and brings us even closer to a significant milestone in the airport’s history.”

“It is also fantastic news for our passengers from Munster, who have been very supportive since it was first announced that Cork Airport was to get its first transatlantic service.

“Once the licence process is cleared, we look forward to engaging with Norwegian to get tickets on sale as soon as possible and the earliest practical start to operations from Cork to Boston followed by New York in due course.”

The Department of Transportation’s Order is open for submissions by interested parties until May 6. A final decision is then expected by May 13.

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