New charge aimed at tackling illegal tyre dumping

Environment Minister Denis Naughten is introducing a new charge which he hopes will tackle the illegal dumping of tyres.

Minister Naughten said that €1m has already been spent this year on cleaning up stockpiles across the country.

A scheme, which kicks in on October 1, aims to reassure consumers that their old tyres will be disposed of responsibly by the retailer when they buy new ones.

Minister Naughten said the move is about providing clarity for customers.

"I think that the measures do go far enough, we are putting an extra €100,000 aside between now and the end of the year to actually police the regulations," he said.

"It is important that there is enforcement in relation to it, I think the new rules allow for that enforcement.

"They ensure that the public has a transparent and clear charge, they know where their tyres are going - they must go for recycling or the payment will not be made to the recycler."

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