New campaign wants to allow members of the public to call referendums

A new campaign has been launched to give members of the public the power to call referendums.

The One Year Initiative wants candidates running in the upcoming general election to sign a declaration calling for the introduction of 'The People's Referendum'.

The One Year Initiative wants a People's Assembly to be set up six months after the election.

This assembly would have the power to call a referendum to stop or change legislation.

Eithne Hogan from the group has said while it would allow people to call a vote, they could not do it over every issue that takes their fancy.

“People who aren’t too sure of it kinda go ‘Oh my God we would be having a referendum every second Sunday,’ and that is not the case.

“The structure and the system and he process is tight. It is a very secure strict process that people adhere to.”

Members of the One Year Initiative argue that it will make the government less likely to introduce measures that don't suit the majority.

Independent TD Joan Collins is in favour of the measure: “For too long we have had the type of politics in this country where you vote for people and then that is the last you see of them until the next election, I think this type of participatory politics, brings the people back into the equation again.”

Independent TD for Waterford John Halligan is also for the new campaign.

“Very many people can become very easily disillusioned as they have for instance with the last Government, with so many promises made so I think that what people are saying and we get it everywhere is that we want a right to make a decision."

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