New campaign highlights the dangers of 'street tablets'

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A new campaign highlighting the dangers of 'street tablets' is being rolled out in Dublin's north inner city.

'Do You Use Street Tablets?' is an Ana Liffey Drug Project initiative which aims to educate people on the harms of drugs such as diazepam and pregabalin.

The charity says both were implicated in a large number of deaths in recent years and greater awareness is needed about their dangers.

Dublin Lord Mayor Niall Ring is launching today's campaign and says it is a new approach to drug awareness and prevention.

"It [the initiative] has gone to the users and got their experience of what would work for them. It's an innovative approach," said Mr Ring.

"Hopefully it will work to make people aware of the risks of these tablets. There's fake tablets out there and I just think that it is such an issue.

"We're losing a person more or less every day from drug overdose in this country and a lot of that is happening in my area of the north inner city."



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