New bus service to connect Finglas to Luas Green Line

A new bus service will soon connect commuters in Finglas to the Luas Green Line at Broombridge.

The National Transport Authority and Dublin Bus have reportedly reached a preliminary agreement to put the new route online as soon as possible.

Commuters could use the service from as early as March.

Deputy Rock has praised the new bus route and is hopeful as successful run may lead to the Luas being extending out to Finglas.

"Historically Finglas has been badly underserved by public transport," he said.

"I have campaigned for, first of all, a bus link to connect Finglas with the existing Luas line and then to demonstrate the demand that is there in order to maybe demonstrate the case for building out a Luas extension into Finglas in the future," the Fine Gael TD added.



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