Neighbour charged with murder and attempted murder in Dublin

Forensics at the scene of the shooting yesterday.

A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a 66-year-old woman in Tallaght in Dublin over the weekend.

Mary Dargan was shot dead at her home in Killinarden two days ago and her daughter was also injured in the attack.

There were some distressing scenes in court this morning when James Redmond was brought before Judge John Coughlan.

The 58-year-old is accused of murdering his next-door neighbour Mary Dargan at her home in Killinarden Estate in Tallaght on Saturday.

She died instantly after being shot in the head when a gunman walked into her house just after 4pm.

Redmond is further accused of trying to kill her daughter Karina, who was injured after being shot in the face.

A bandage covered up a wound on top of his head when he was brought to court today and Gardaí were forced to intervene after several people charged the dock and hurled abuse at the accused.

He was remanded in custody until Friday by Judge Coughlan who also ordered for a psychiatric assessment to be carried out on him.

As Redmond was being led away, a woman screamed "look at me you scumbag" as tears rolled down her face.

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