Nearly 50% of employees leave a job within first 12 months

Nearly half of employees have left a job within a year because the reality of the role did not match their expectations.

That is being put down to a poor interviewing experience and companies' application processes not being up to scratch.

New research from Hays Ireland shows 47% say on-the-job training is not provided as expected - while 40% say the job ad was misleading.

Maureen Lynch, Director of Hays, explains what people look for when applying for a job.

She said: "They want to see is there career development, is there investment in their own professional development, and then the equality, diversity and inclusion came across quite strongly as well."

Simon Winfield, Managing Director, Hays Ireland, went on to say that employers need to be more critical of their hiring process:

“As Ireland nears full employment, the market is very much a candidate-driven one. In this context, a poor application process and interviewing experience not only harm employee attraction, but also retention.

“As the market becomes more competitive, this requires employers to continuously review their recruitment processes to ensure they are fit for purpose. If a company’s hiring process was designed even five years ago, it may no longer deliver within the current candidate market.

“Our report also shows that candidates value the actual experience of the interview in many different ways. How they are welcomed into your office, who they meet, and how you interact with them before and after all subtly influence their opinion of you. Equally, meeting the boss is another important step in this interview process, and one that too many employers overlook. Neglecting these steps can be the difference between hiring an excellent employee and losing one.”

- Digital Desk

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