Nearly 200 bird strikes at Dublin Airport over last three years

There have been almost 200 bird strikes on airplanes at Dublin Airport over the last three years.

It is where birds collide with planes or are sucked into the engine, which has the potential to bring down an aircraft.

In 2009 an airbus was forced to land on the Hudson River in New York after hitting a flock of geese.

Siobhan O'Donnell from Dublin Airport says they have a number of measures in place to prevent bird strikes from happening.

"A bird strike can have a catastrophic impact so we have to keep our grass a certain length to deter birds from nesting," she said.

Our airport police and fire service would be out onto the airfield throughout the day shooting flares to get birds away from the runway.

"We have hawk kites and we have a vehicle that goes around making bird sounds so birds will move."

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