NCA to name companies who have let down shoppers

The National Consumer Agency is today naming and shaming companies that have let down shoppers.

The Annual Report for 2012 comes out today and has a consumer protection list attached.

Last year the agency's website clocked up almost a million hits and more than 400 investigations took place into unsafe products.

Chief Executive of the NCA Karen O'Leary, said it is not always expensive items that cause problems.

"You might have issues in relation to toys where the item is not expensive enough to warrant repair and where there is a recall," she said.

"We also have a lot of contact with customs in the ports where we would get calls in relation to consignment where customes would suspect there is a problem with consigment where they don't comply with product safety and we would have them destroyed at source

"That happened three times last year, two in Dublin port and one in Cork."

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