National Transport Authority says fines will be imposed for not wearing facemasks on buses

People wearing facemasks on public transport during the Covid-19 pandemic in Dublin's city centre. Picture: Gareth Chaney/Collins

The chief executive of the National Transport Authority has said that fines are likely to be imposed on people who do not wear face coverings on public transport.

Anne Graham told Newstalk Breakfast that passengers this week will be “encouraged” to wear face-covering, but that from next week the NTA will be enforcing the new regulation which makes the wearing of face-covering mandatory on public transport.

As public transport gets busier it was important that the public exercise personal responsibility, she added.

When asked how the new mandatory regulations will be enforced, Ms Graham said that they will be enforced at a later stage and that the enforcement will be in the form of fines.

“That’s being worked on at the moment.”

Capacity from Monday will be 50%, which will mean that a double-decker bus can carry 36-37 passengers, during the earlier phases of Covid restriction only 17 passengers were permitted.

“As restrictions ease we will see increased demand. We are still not at 100 per cent. We would encourage people to work from home if they can and they should consider walking or cycling to work if their commute is short.”

Ms Graham concluded by urging people to “wear your face covering, please.”