National Maternity Hospital issue will be resolved 'in the interests of the Irish people'

Minister for Disability Finian McGrath has refused to say if ownership of the National Maternity Hospital is a red-line issue for the Independent Alliance.

They are marking a year in office today, saying that they have brought a radical change to the workings of Government.

Deputy McGrath has refused to be drawn on the controversy over plans to hand over ownership of the hospital to the Sisters of Charity.

However, he has insisted that Fine Gael is listening to his party on the matter.

“My voice is heard very, very strongly, and Shane [Ross]’s voice, in the last Cabinet meeting in relation to St Vincent’s Hospital,” he said.

“It’s a very, very important issue and I strongly believe it will be resolved, and it will resolved in the interests of the Irish people and in the interests of the views of the Independent Alliance.”

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