NAS director admits review is needed

The director of the National Ambulance Service Martin Dunne admits there are issues that need to be reviewed.

It follows a 'Prime Time' documentary on RTÉ last night which showed only a third of ambulances in life threatening cases arrive within the target time of 8 minutes.

The National Ambulance Service Representative Association has accused management of being 'in denial' on the scale of the problems in the service.

The first ever capacity review is being carried out to see what resources are needed across the country.

Dunne added the service is going through huge change and reconfiguration at the moment.

“I have to be honest, some of the things that came up on the television last night will have to be reviewed in a very serious matter. I am quite happy to say that.

“However, what wasn’t shown on the television last night is all the good work that is being done,” said Dunne.

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