Name and shame campaign targeted at illegal dumpers proving a success in Dublin

A pilot scheme in Dublin to name and shame illegal dumpers is having the desired effect.

The city council has taken the unusual step of putting up posters with photos of people caught disposing of their waste improperly.

Previously Frankfurt Cottages near the Five Lamps had been one of the worst affected areas in the city.

A sofa, suitcase and garbage bags have been left there in the past.

However John Mc Partlin, Public Domain Officer with Dublin City Council, says they are seeing results from their latest name and shame campaign.

He said: "Within a couple of hours we had someone in a t the counter in the local area office.

"We are literally 300 yards away from the spot asking for the image to be taken down, because the neighbours would see it and she didn't want to be identified as one of the people that were dumping at that spot."

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