Muslim sanctuary fears are like saying Catholics would flee to Italy: Solicitor

Gardaí have raised concerns that a Dublin man accused of murdering his first cousin may seek sanctuary in a Muslim country.

Stephen Tynan of Knockmore Park in Tallaght is charged with the murder of Andrew Guerrine, who was stabbed to death over two years ago.

Stephen Tynan was arrested twice following the discovery of Andrew Guerinne’s body in south west Dublin in May 2015, but only charged with his murder last month.

In response to Garda concerns he’d flee if granted bail, his barrister Séamus Clarke pointed out that Mr. Tynan has only left Ireland once since his cousin’s death and, more importantly, came back.

Ms. Justice Carmel Stewart heard he has converted to Muslim and Gardaí raised concerns he might seek sanctuary in a Muslim country if he was granted bail.

Mr. Clarke described that objection as "peculiar, highly discriminating and absurd" and compared it to a Catholic fleeing to Italy.

Ms. Justice Stewart accepted the 40-year-old is facing the most serious criminal charge but said he was entitled to the presumption of innocence and granted bail subject to certain strict conditions.

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