Murder trial witness tells how accused claimed he had 'been abducted by aliens'

A man has told a Mayo murder trial that he was having his morning tea, when a half-naked teenager approached his kitchen window and told him he had been abducted by aliens.

John Scott was giving evidence to the Central Criminal Court today in the trial of Celyn Eadon, who is charged with murdering his mother on March 9, 2011.

The 22-year-old of Derrycrieve, Islandeady, Castlebar admits the manslaughter of Noreen Kelly at that address, but has pleaded not guilty to her murder. The 46-year-old died of multiple stab wounds.

Mr Scott used an aerial photograph to identify his home across a river from that of the accused.

He said he was home having a cup of tea around 7.20am on March 9th, when a young male approached his kitchen window, covered in cuts and scratches.

“He seemed to have been out in the elements. He was wearing only blue tracksuit bottoms,” he said.

“He said he’d been abducted by aliens and they’d experimented on him,” recalled the witness. “He said he’d stabbed and thought he’d killed his Mum. He was very upset and distraught. He said the army was looking for him.”

Mr Scott said he gave him a cup of tea and a cigarette to calm him down, and also gave him a jacket.

“I wanted to know where he’d come from. He wanted to come into the house but my daughter was in the kitchen and he was in too bad a state,” he explained.

“He said he’d done something terrible. He thought he’d killed his mother,” said Mr Scott, who rang the gardaí.

“I was worried about his physical state as well,” he added.

He agreed with Diarmaid McGuinness SC, defending, that the young man had been talking about radiation.

“I think he said the army had used some sort of gas around his house,” he added. “The poor fella was in a terrible state.”

He explained that he was wearing no shoes or socks, that his tracksuit bottoms were wet and rolled up, but that he declined an offer of shoes and socks.

“I asked where he’d been. He said he was in the briars and bushes,” he said. “He was blue with the cold.”

He was asked by Mr McGuinness if he appeared extremely disturbed.

“Without a doubt,” he replied.

Sergeant David Tiernan testified that he went to Mr Scott’s house that morning and was introduced to Celyn Eadon.

“He continued to say he didn’t realise it was his mother,” he said. “He said the house was filled with smoke and that his mother ‘didn’t appear to be the same person.”

Mr Eadon was arrested.

Psychiatrist Victor Ademaike testified that he examined the accused later that day. He said Mr Eadon told him that he couldn’t recollect events between 5pm the previous evening and the time of his arrest.

He told the doctor that there were lots of people in his house the previous evening including his mother’s boyfriend, and remembered arguing with her about her boyfriend.

“I don’t like him,” he told the doctor.

“I couldn’t find my stash of speed so I took a lot of methamphetamine and cannabis,” he said. “I remember being chased. Then I remember my mother screaming.”

He said he was close to his mother.

“We used to share cannabis together,” he said.

When it was put to him that she had been found dead in suspicious circumstances, he said he may have harmed her.

“It was that concoction of drugs. I wouldn’t intentionally harm my mother,” he said, becoming upset.

The psychiatrist gave a diagnosis of an acute psychotic episode secondary to polysubstance abuse.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Paul Carney and a jury of seven men and five women.

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