Murder accused claims situation was 'kill or be killed'

A man on trial for shooting dead a 29-year-old man in Co Tipperary told gardaí that he was backed into a corner and thought it was a case of 'kill or be killed'.

Maurice Power of Dranganbeg, Kilmoyler, Cahir has pleaded not guilty to murdering Shane Rossiter on October 17, 2012.

The jury heard that Shane Rossiter suffered catastrophic injuries and died after he was shot twice leaving a house party on Church Street in Golden, Co. Tipperary

Another guest, Paul McCarthy, left ahead of him to get cannabis at around 6am and noticed a car with a shotgun sticking out the window before running away and hearing the shots ring out.

Opening the trial, the prosecution told the jury Maurice Power made a confession following his arrest several weeks later.

He told gardaí that there was tension between him and the deceased because of a stabbing and that he believed he was going to be set up again.

He said he got a call in the early hours to drop off hash to the house. He said when he arrived Shane Rossiter and another man came out zipping up their jackets.

He said he fired a shot believing that Shane Rossiter had a hand gun and that it was a case of kill or be killed.

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