Motorists asked to suggest changes for driving test

Motorists are being asked to give their views on the how the driving test should be conducted.

The Road Safety Authority is launching a public consultation document on the future of the driving examination to mark the 50th anniversary of the first driving test in Ireland.

The RSA wants road-users to give their opinion on suggested reforms to the current process.

"The objective of this document is to engage all of those involved in the learning to drive process in discussion as to what their views are on certain aspects of the driving test and proposed reforms to how the test is conducted," said an RSA statement.

"The over-arching principle is to ensure that the driving test in Ireland continues to contribute to the Road Safety Authority’s mission of reducing road fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.

"The document sets out suggestions for reform to the current practical driving test and seeks feedback in relation to those proposals."

The deadline for submissions is the July 18.

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Leo Varadkar said: "The driving test has saved thousands of lives on our roads by teaching safer driving.

"Teaching and testing standards have come on a long way over the years and we’re now looking at new ways to make further improvements.

"The public consultation launched today will help members of the public, and interested parties to shape the future of the driving test.

"One of the proposals being considered is a hazard perception test in driver training and testing, where the driver is asked to identify potential hazards in photographs or videos.

"The ability to spot hazards is a vital skill and marks out a really competent driver, and its inclusion in training and testing would help to focus attention on this skill at an early stage."

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