Mother: I will do prison before paying fine for littering with torn-up election leaflet

Gerry Sheridan.

A mother of three children from Co Westmeath is refusing to pay a €150 fine for littering, after she tore up an election candidate's leaflets in front of him.

Michelle Byrne from Mullingar had a row with the Labour candidate Gerry Sheridan after she refused to let him put his fliers through her door.

She ripped them up in front of him, but later tidied them into her bin.

The 32-year-old mother then received a fine for €150 from the council for littering, but she says she won't pay it.

Ms Byrne said: "I will do prison before I pay a €150 fine, that's a tactic, that's bullying. He actually put his rubbish into my letter box.

"So I think the councillor himself should be charged for dumping his rubbish, with his face. It shouldn't be me that has to pay for this, it should be him having to pay for it, because I didn't create the rubbish, he started it in the first place."

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