Mother and Baby Group calls on Government to excavate Bessborough site

Former Bessborough Mother-and-baby home

A member of the Bessborough Mother and Baby Group has called for a dig to be conducted at the former home in Cork.

Helen Murphy was born at Bessborough in 1962. She was taken from her birth mother and given up for adoption.

The group has called for a full independent inquiry and wants to be included in any in the Government orders.

The mortality rate at Bessborough was up to one third in 1933.

Speaking to Red FM News, Helen Murphy said that the only way of knowing how many babies are buried in Bessborough is by digging up the site.

"The nuns said and there was a statement from the Sacred Heart Sisters at the weekend, and they said they didn't know whether the babies were buried in a coffins or shrouds,"

"They were the people running the home.

"How are we going to know how many babies are buried there unless they actually go in and see how many bodies [there are]?"

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