Most Irish people are not big fans of Valentine’s Day, survey finds

We spend millions on flowers, cards, restaurants, holidays and chocolates to celebrate it every year – but it turns out that almost three-quarters of Irish adults are not big fans of Valentine’s Day.

According to a recent survey of 1,000 Irish adults by iReach Insights, 7% are huge fans of Valentine’s day – interestingly, more male (10%) than female (5%).

One in five are somewhat a fan of Valentine’s, 38% are not really fans and 35% are not fans of Valentine’s day at all.

Of those who aren’t fans of Valentine’s day, 80% think it’s too commercialised, 45% think it makes everything over-priced and 28% wouldn’t classify it as a celebration.

Among those who are fans of Valentine’s Day, 57% like it because they think it’s a good reminder to appreciate your relationship, 47% think it’s a nice day to remember with your partner [58% male, 37% female] and 45% like Valentine’s day because it’s a day to celebrate love.

Of those in a relationship 42% of us will celebrate Valentine’s day on the 14th February, 22% on a different day/weekend and 36% won’t celebrate it.

Of those that are single, 11% will celebrate Valentine’s day anyway.

The survey also found that 33% will celebrate Valentine’s Day with dinner (33%), staying in and watch a movie together (26%), a weekend away (10%), go for a few drinks (12%) and go to cinema (11%).

Just over half of respondents (55%) said they intend to buy a present for their partner and 45% do not.

When asked “What will you buy?”, people answered with buying a card (51%) [40%: male, 65%: female], flowers (37%) [61%: male, 7% female] chocolate (33%), a hotel break (9%), jewellery (7%), a teddy (4%) and aftershave/perfume (4%).

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