More than 50,000 receiving CAO offers, as points rise for construction courses

More than 50,000 third level applicants across Ireland will receive their first round CAO offers this morning, the highest number ever.

Demand for science and technology courses is expected to have grown considerably this year.

A record number of Leaving Cert students earned 25 bonus points for passing higher level maths, which is being linked to a rise in the points needed for technology-related courses.

There have also been increases in the points required for architecture and engineering courses, reflecting a renewed confidence in the construction sector.

The Irish Examiner's education correspondent Niall Murray

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reports the cut-off points for entry to more than 300 of the 944 honours (level-8) degrees are less than last year, and 280 courses are either unchanged or new.

The CAO has offered a level-8 degree place to 39,398 people and, with some applicants getting two offers, a place on a level-7 or level-6 programme to 34,615 people.

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