More than 500 asylum seekers granted work permits after ban lifted

Up 10% of asylum seekers have been granted work permits under a new Government system.

The Justice Minister, Charlie Flanagan, brought in stringent regulations after the Supreme Court last year ruled the ban on seeking employment was unconstitutional.

Some have been relaxed since June, but the limitations still mean the vast majority of asylum seekers cannot access the labour market.

Around 500 people in Direct Provision, out of around 5,000, are qualifying for work permits.

Also, refugees who are reunited with their families are being pushed into emergency accommodation.

The head of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive has told The Irish Times it is adding to pressures on homeless services.

Refugees who have been given the right to reside in Ireland are entitled to bring their spouse and children to join them.

Eileen Gleeson says she has no issue with the reunification scheme but it is having unintended consequences.

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