More than 300 hotel guests evacuated after hoax bomb call in Waterford

A hotel was evacuated in Waterford City this evening following a security threat.

Three hundred and two guests were staying in Tracey's Hotel on the Quay at the time.

Gardai received a call just before 7pm and alerted the manager.

The building was searched and the gardaí declared the alert a hoax at 8.30pm tonight.

A Garda spokesperson said: "The area has been declared safe and gardaí are standing down."

John Tracey, the General Manager and owner of the hotel, told WLR FM: "The gardaí got a phone call to say that there was a device in the hotel and it's going to go off within the next half an hour.

"I got a phone call from the sergeant that was on duty, he has my personal number, and I started evacuating everybody from the hotel.

"The gardaí started arriving about two minutes after that and we continued to evacuate. The evacuation of everybody took just under nine minutes for 302 guests."

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