More needs to be done to tackle suicide: National Director for mental health

Ireland needs to do more to prevent suicide, according to the country’s National Director for mental health.

That’s the message which emerged today despite a new report which suggest that Ireland’s suicide rate is on the decline.

Provisional data from the National Office for Suicide Prevention suggests that there were 399 suicides in 2016, compared to 451 the year before.

The National Office for Suicide Prevention Annual Report says that more than 80% of cases involve men.

Instances of self-harm also seem to be stabilising.

Just over 8,900 people were seen at hospitals last year in cases of self harm, which is in line with the 2015 figure.

However National Director for mental health Anne O’Connor saaid one death by suicide is one too many.

"We need to all look at how we talk to people with difficulties ... to look at how we can support them and ask the question, to ask people if they are ok.

"I think it is only by developing that wider view of suicide and mental health that we are going to make a dent in this."

Read the report in full here:

If you feel suicidal, please contact Samaritans at 116 123 or visit


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