More demonstrations planned by Dublin cyclists calling for new lane along Liffey quays

Further demonstrations are planned monthly on Sundays in Dublin city centre, demanding a physically separated Liffey Cycle Route.

Around 300 cyclists have taken part in a protest, calling for a safer route along the quays.

The Liffey Cycle Route was first proposed in 2011, but nothing has happened with it yet.

Dublin Cycling Campaign spokesperson Ciaran Ryan said that they want cyclists to be separated from traffic.

"What we'd be expecting in general terms is a physically separated cycle route along the Liffey Quays,

"So we're talking about using kerbs or bollards to create a proper, safe cycle route, so people aren't mixing with motor vehicles, with buses, with trucks, with cars, with taxis, the kind of heavy vehicles that are travelling up and down the quays every day."

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