More crèche inspectors recruited as new child agency set up

The head of the new Child and Family Agency has said more people are being recruited to ensure regular inspections at Irish crèches.

It follows controversy last year over a documentary which raised questions about conditions for children at a number of facilities around the country.

RTE's 'A Breach of Trust' focused on three crèches in Dublin and Wicklow, showing footage of children being flung onto mattresses, manhandled, shouted and cursed at and strapped into chairs for hours at time.

The Child and Family Agency is being launched by the Taoiseach today, and brings a number of child protection bodies into its remit, with a budget of €600m.

Chief executive Gordon Jeyes said steps were already being taken to ensure crèches around the country were up to scratch.

"We are recruiting and there is some investment coming. We will increase the number of inspectors this year," he said.

"Inspection reports will be made available, so that consumers choosing to place their children in these institutions are fully informed about the decisions they are making."


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