Money spent cleaning illegal dumping could be used ’a hell of a lot better’ within communities

Money spent on cleaning up illegal dumping could be spent "a hell of a lot better" within local communities.

That is according to a South Dublin County Councillor, who says residents in Clondalkin are fed up due to excess litter in their locality.

In the last three years, the county council have spent €3.9m in an attempt to tackle illegal dumpers.

Cllr. Mark Ward is disappointed that such a figure needs to be spent to combat the problem.

"€1.3m was spent in 2017. Same figure in 2016 and 2015," said Mr Ward.

"That’s money that could be spent on community facilities, on 101 things better than cleaning up illegal dumping.

"It’s an awful lot of money. It is needed because illegal dumping is going on, but if illegal dumping wasn’t going on that money could be used a hell of a lot better."

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