Minister to present Cabinet with update on mother-and-baby homes

The Cabinet is due to get an update today on the inquiries into conditions at mother-and-baby homes.

Children's Minister Charlie Flanagan will present an update on an inter-departmental review into the State's records of the homes.

Various departments and state agencies have been working for several weeks to combine all of their data about conditions in mother-and-baby homes nationwide.

The report is expected to form the basis for the terms of reference of the Commission of Investigation being set up to examine conditions in the homes.

That inquiry was ordered after public outcry at the news that the remains of up to 800 children were buried at a mass grave in Tuam.

The minister is also likely to update his colleagues on the outcome of his meetings with advocacy groups for survivors over the last few weeks.

They have asked him to examine conditions in up to 100 different institutions.

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