Minister gives example of actual vacant house numbers available to tackle housing crisis

Vacant homes are not the "low hanging fruit" that will solve the housing crisis, according to Eoghan Murphy.

The Housing Minister is giving an update on Government plans to address the housing crisis.

He says the number of vacant homes is far lower than what they thought.

Minister Murphy says they had hoped it would be a way to provide homes quickly, but it won't work.

He said: "South Dublin County Council, the CSO have them at just under 3,500, the geo-directory has identified just 600.

"The Local Authority estimate the vacancy rate at 250 and they think the actual rate, after their pilot scheme, they believe it is actually closer to 56 out of 250.

"So that's 3,500 coming down to 56, so vacancy isn't the low hanging fruit that we thought it was."


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