Minister considering move to allow cars break red light

Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar is considering making it legal for cars to turn left at a red light.

Minister Varadkar says he is open to following the lead of other countries like the United States in allowing some turns at red lights if there are no pedestrians waiting to cross.

He says he's already asked for a report on whether the idea could be successfully introduced here.

He says the layout of Irish roads might pose a difficulty, but he's willing to be convinced.

"it could be done, but it's not quite the same in Ireland," he said.

"Roads in America tend to be very big, tend to be very wide, tend to have multiple lanes, and where there are pedestrians crossing roads in the United States, they tend to have a designated pedestrian crossing.

"It's not like that in Ireland - in Ireland, almost every junction is an informal pedestrian crossing, and there would certainly be risks in doing it."

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