Minister calls for 'Tallaght Strategy Mark Two'

A member of the Cabinet is calling for a 'Tallaght Strategy Mark Two' to get a Budget passed.

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan says there must be some discussion with the Opposition given the difficult situation the country is now in.

The strategy was adopted by Fine Gael in 1987 when it did not oppose economic reforms in the national interest.

It was called The Tallaght Strategy after then Fine Gael leader Alan Dukes outlined the position in a speech in Tallaght.

This morning, just a few kilometres away in Knocklyon, a Mark Two of this strategy was called for by the Minister Ryan.

He said that politicians cannot play the usual party politics, they all have to talk to each other, sit down and have rational discussion to reach common agreement.

He also said that the Budget cannot be all about cuts but also about growing things to give the country a sense of direction and sense of purpose.

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